Tea Leaves

Wondering why loose tea leaves trump the bagged counterparts? It’s simple – the quality. With more room to unfurl, loose leaves deliver a richer flavor profile, ensuring each cup is a true celebration of tea at its finest.

We’ve handpicked a premium range of high-quality teas, purchasing them in bulk and packing each blend with care right here at the cafe.

While our loose teas are a delight to enjoy in-house, we believe in spreading the goodness to your cozy corners too. Want to recreate the experience at home? No worries – all our loose tea blends are available for purchase.

And to make your tea brewing adventure a breeze, we’ve got all the gadgets you need, from stylish strainers to handy filters.

Fruit Infusion loose tea leaves
Ginger Lemon Green Tea loose tea leaves
Irish Breakfast Tea loose tea leaves
The list of our current loose tea leaves selection:

Black teas:

Irish Breakfast Tea

Earl Grey Blue Flower

Black Chai

Pu Erh

Green teas:


China Jasmine

Sencha Ginger Lemon

Fruit Infusion:

Ice Ice Baby

Pear with Goji and Raspberry


Herbal teas:



Ginger’s Love

Free & Easy Breathing Ayurvedan tea (it really helps with blocked nose and coughing!)