Coffee Beans

Proudly serving the rich and flavorful Lounge blend in our coffee drinks, we also offer the full spectrum of Artessa’s freshly roasted coffee beans. Whether you crave the perfect blend, single origins, or organic varieties, we’ve got you covered.

Take a piece of our coffee haven home with you – all our beans are available for purchase in 250g or 1kg bags. Need them ground? Just give our baristas a shout, and we’ll handle the grind.

And for the ultimate convenience, you can order directly from Artessa’s website and swing by Cafe Lounge to collect your order.

All our coffees are 100% Arabica

Artessa Lounge coffee bag on garden table
Artessa Rwanda coffee bag on farm
Artessa Fusion coffee on a counter
Coffee blends:

Lounge: Very smooth, heavy-bodied coffee with low acidity, mellow taste, featuring tobacco, almond notes. Coffees: Indonesia and Indian Monsoon Malabar

Fusion: Sweet, medium-bodied coffee with pleasant citrusy acidity, a touch of gentle floral notes, and having nice aftertaste. Coffees: El Salvador, Indonesia, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Smooth: As the name suggests it is smooth, clean, coffee with great sweetness and gentle acidity. Coffees: El Salvador, Colombia Excelso

Nina: It’s strong-bodied coffee, sweet and spicy with honey notes. Coffees: Indonesia and Burundi

East Africa: This blend is very rich, sweet, full bodied, with honey, berries, date, prune, chocolate, citrus and a touch of jasmine notes. Coffees: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ethipia Banco Gotete, Burundi

Organic Temptation: This blend is heavy bodied coffee with sweet caramel, citrus and slight floral notes. Coffees: Indonesia, Colombia, Ethiopia Sidamo, Honduras

Single Origin Coffees

El Salvador:  Sweet, clean, with chocolate notes, medium body and soft acidity.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe:unique, elegant coffee with medium body, explosively aromatic, full of floral and citrus notes which creates its very distinct taste.

Indonesia Kalossi: complex, low acidity, full-bodied, earthy with a distinct sweet syrupy taste.

Indian Monsoon Malabar: very unique, has no acidity, mellow taste, great body with tobacco, almond notes.

Kenya: bright citrus acidity, intense body, with notes of bergamot and vanilla and sugar cane.

Rwanda: full bodied, bursting with aromas of berries, prunes, chocolate almond with lemon like acidity.

Organic Coffees

Organic Temptation blend: This blend is heavy bodied coffee with sweet caramel, citrus and slight floral notes. Coffees: Indonesia, Colombia, Ethiopia Sidamo, Honduras

Organic Colombia Excelso: clean profile with rich body with vanilla, guava and citrus notes and has a wine like acidity

Organic Ethiopia Sidamo: clean, sweet with a soft body and bright citrus acidity, with tea like notes and a touch of milk chocolate note.

Organic Indonesia: heavy bodied coffee with low acidity and chocolate notes.

Organic Decaffeinated: clean, sweet, medium bodied coffee with citrus acidity, blackcurrant and malty chocolate notes